I have made a commitment to put this market under my feet.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mcgene4xpro, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    It seems that it is emotional moment :D .
    I am still in the research area and will not be involved till i get the real edge.

    However, On the day of January 04,2011. I have made a commitment to continue fine my tools to achieve massive success.

    I am rationally thinking that my tools could do this.

    Let us see..

    The deadline for this commitment is Jan 05,2011.

    At that time, either to quit completely or to start printing money.

    I know this thread will attract some comments but i will not add anything till next year.

    :D :D
  2. :D deadline Jan 5, 2012:D
  3. Are you from Szechuan or Hunan province? :confused: :D
  4. :D
  5. Szechuan it is! I just won $20 from the guy sitting across from me. :p
  6. very close, we have 4000 years civilization gap inbetween ours and any other Sze or whatever :D