I have lost all forms of hope

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  1. And I am young, I have everything that only less that 10 millions of people in world can enjoy. But I feel like living in a Nightmare. So why ?

    1) I see my personnal freedom being restricted everyday more and more ( 0/0,05 alcool )
    2) I see the power and reach of Governement growing everyday ( spying, cctv uberall; 50+ % income goes in Taxes ( direct and indirect )
    3) HIV is still unsolved, same for Cancers
    4) I see that people trash their cans and cigarettes while driving in the fields that will feed them
    5) I see that laws are maid against my generation, in all side, from risks taking ( sports ) to personnal choice.
    6) I see that humans real skills, capacity or know how aren't valued, but only papers ( certification and co ).
    7) I see the unability of those governing to have financial responsability
    8) I see a total disconnection between the need of the Market and the will of the Gov.

    I have lost all the confidence that I had in the idea of Governements. I only respect the private world. I thank the Bankers for the freedom they have tried to save. I recognize my stupidity in asking about the Central Banking System. You haven't betrayed me. Thank you for providing me the freedom of my Will. Thank you for offering me the most advance 24/7 best online game never invented. Thank you for feeding, diverting and protecting me. Thank you for ensuring that I had some form of real skills learn in school. Thank you for offering everyone who provide value a real life.

    Thank you for respecting law, propriety and personnal freedom. Thank you.

    I am alone to not feel anything anymore ? To feel that feeling is a luxury in face of all the tyranny that could unfold ? I am the only one to hope for the total ruin of the old generation trough a total wipeout of their life long savings ? To make them realize that they have miserably failed in all aspects. That they are unable to respond to any challenges were they are the root cause by their lifelong behaviors and values ?
  2. You pathetic little fuck! With such hatred, you deserve your misery... and more. :mad: :mad:
  3. Yes, yes, but how is your trading going?
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  5. I have no hatred. You don't understand. I am in anyway responsible of the people own stupidity.

    I have no pleasure to watch old people dying in the sewers... be it in Africa or America.


    If you feel offended it must be because you are part of this generation... Cool for you, you had everything that I could only dream.


    I hope that you are proud of the success. Look finally you can walk on water...
  6. Funny : today it's almost illegal to smoke cigarettes... but :


    I know that you understand my misery, because you experience the same reality as I do.
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    "I know that you understand my misery, because you experience the same reality as I do."

    i face the same reality as you do but interpert the reality differently then u do. I understand your misery but choose not to be miserable.

    learn how to use spell check.
    women like men who wear matching pairs of socks and can spell.
  8. Man, thank you for abording this difficult subject for me. I love the game. I love fast volatile products. However as you know a lot of their underlyings are composed of entities which I don't agree on. Let's take for example CL, I am a big fan of the product tradewise, however I am totally in for a clean energy futures. So I always have a bad undergoing feel trading it. Did you ever experienced such feeling ? And how did you handle it ?

    Do you feel empathy while trading ? In particular for the one taking the other side ? How do you cope with that ?

    I am so sorry to not be able to use an auto spell check button in the forum, I really wanted to press it but it misses...

    Who you are to say that I am miserable ? It's your judgment. I will be pleased to take the other side of your assertion. However I clearly understand and respect your point of view on opportunity and problem solving. And finally no comment on your socks story...
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    I never said u were miserable either as a person or in your mood.

    these are your words.

    ""I know that you understand my misery, because you experience the same reality as I do."
  10. my misunderstanding. I present you my apology. As you see my writing is as imperfect as my reading :( ... However I am still very happy that you can understand me, communication is all powerfull :D.
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