i have just maxed out my credit card

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    A liquidation would have been a lot cheaper. Would have been able to buy some cheap property and the cycle could have started again. We now have property prices that have exceeded the peak in London as nobody working in a bank has lost a penny. Any ideas of what to buy to avoid the collapse of the pound as the lost decade begins?
  2. i've been buying silver but there is vat on it so you might want gold if you can afford it tax free look at peilthetravler last thread some states it will rise in the next few days.

    are you based in london then i am in sussex.
  3. I maxed out and stopped paying when they charged me 29.99%. I feel so FREE
  4. Thats terrible. Just because they loaned you funny money made out of thin air & fooled the taxpayers into paying for all their gambling frauds ( of what are actually bankrupt operations) - - - you should pay those too big/and well connected to fail. You should get two or three or more extra jobs, sell whatever things of value you own. You should do this even if it trashes your health & family. You should do this even though they got the politicians to pass a law they wrote which doesn't allow people to escape credit card debt through bankruptcy in the U.S. (yeah I know its rather ironic that bankrupt banks taking tax payer money would have the gall to push this with a straight face). - - Do the right thing.

    P.S. - - if youre outside of the U.S. you'll have to adjust the names of the guilty parties to your own circumstances. Its seems that this kind of madness/criminality is pretty universal in the west right now.
  5. have you faced consequences as a result?
  6. Hoping this is just humour, one should get a really good look at the connection between credit rating and future job prospects, car insurance rates, qualifying for mortgages, getting a loan or business loan, getting an apartment in a competitive area, etc. etc...

    The savings are all mental...
  7. i agree if you can pay it off pay it off. it is bad about that law in america where bankruptcy doesn't wipe cards.

    can any one provide me with information on it.
  8. It does wipe cards, as long as not fraudulent. But it cripples your future in many financial ways, as I said above.

    The smart person pays their bills on time, does not spend wildly, and only uses credit cards in situations it makes sense (like rental car, online purchases, etc...
  9. you seem logical. i take it you are over 35.
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