I have identified the enemy,,,,

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    And it is me! There comes a time when you realize that your technical skills and knowledge is far enough along, But then I wonder why my results are not what they “should“ be?

    Answer? It’s my challenge to execute what my system and knowledge say to do when it says to do it.

    This week was very difficult for me. I trade NQ and cannot believe I did not bank a major profit week. When I look at the charts it all seems so easy looking back. But in the heat of the moment is different story.

    But hey, at least I am not losing. But really right now my goal is not making money. My goal is to become a better trader . To execute my well thought out plans properly and effectively.

    This is the hardest thing to master I believe. The technical stuff was easy to learn compared to the mental. But it seems that I see so many traders thinking if they just learned more about the markets they will be successful.

    Re reading Douglas book Trading in The zone.
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    Becoming a better traitor is very important, just be careful on social media.
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    Reminds me of the cartoon comic strip POGO. he used to say this all the time.

    for some pogo comics do a google search of

    pogo I have seen the enemy and he is us
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    Yup. It seems that at least here on this forum nobody wants to be honest about how hard trading is. It’s probably ego and the fact that most traders are male. I wish more traders would discuss the difficulty of being successful.

    When I read most comments it’s like traders are either lying or just won’t discuss the truth. TRADING IS HARD! Really hard. It’s no wonder that 95% of traders fail.
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    Automate is one word I have for you.
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  6. Do you scalp the NQ? What broker and data feed are you using? Just curious, did you notice any freezes on your charts and quotes?
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    No I do not scalp. I am in trades for an average of less than 30 mins. A few trades per week can go longer like up to even 2 hours. I take about 2 or 3 trades per day. I am with Transact futures. I have never had a data freeze or any isssue in many years with them. I did have issues with IB.
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  9. Most charts seem easy looking back.
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    To help you with your question, I scalp mostly NQ and ES, very shortterm (I usually hold for just a few seconds), and my main platform/datafeed has been Sierra Chart with CQG feed for a while now.

    I never experienced any lags, freezes, disconnects or other issues, even through the crazy volatile days of the VIX spike in February, the same now in October. Very satisfied with this combo, one less thing to worry about.
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