I have found the John Madden of trading

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    I have been studying and evaluating trading methods for many years. I spend considerable time on this board as well as another popular forex forum. I rarely post, but I came across a method by a supposed successful trader named Charlie Drummond. I eventually ended up at what I believe to be a site created with his input. I have no comment on the merits of the method but could not stop laughing as I watched this video.

    WHat would happen if John Madden became a technical analyst? Watch and find out.
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    P.S. It really picks up around 2 min into the video.
  3. This video is useful for insomnia treatment :D

    And the last words were: "so, it's quite basic".
  4. Damn good video.
  5. Charles DJ's partys on the weekends and chicks can't resist him.

    ...he's an animal.:D
  6. BOOM!

    Now back to you, Pat.