I have found the Holy Grail!!!

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  1. This is my Journey...
    Born in the 70s, I have always been interested in Trading. I had my first foray in 2000, when I bought my first shares and promptly lost the bulk of my capital in the dotcom crash. Convincing myself that I had to take a more professional approach to trading I began to read all I could on the subject and frequented a lot of trading websites such as elitetrader etc...During this time I started to gravitate towards forex and index trading as they seem to fit my style of trading. Still, I kept giving my money away to the markets. I pressed on nonetheless convinced that one day I would prevail if I persisted.
    In the last 12 months, working diligently everyday I really felt I was getting very very close to my goal. I few months ago I felt I had cracked it. Armed with some fresh capital I began to trade. To my surprise my expectations did not match with what the balance sheet was showing me. Even though I was not losing much, I was not making the profits I thought I should make. Then something happened....
    One day I lost the link to my data provider which formed the basis of my trade selection. I began to panick. How was I going to trade now that I could not even generate my signals? I thought long and hard for 24 hrs and came up with a solution. It was my "Eureka" moment, my road to damascus experience as it were. Suddenly scales fell off my eyes and I could see with clarity for the first time. What before was data noise and random numbers was now opportunities and profit. As soon as I got my data provider back I reconfigured my signal generation and I have not looked back since...
    The signals I have taken based on this new insight have been winners (>90%) and big winners indeed, I have cut my losses at levels that do insignificant damage to my account and I am happy to say I am up 15% so far this year.
    I have asked myself why this insight did not occur to me before as it seems so obvious to me now. I suppose it had to take a trading "crisis" to bring clarity and insight. I just wanted to share this experience with the Elitetrader community.
    Happy Trading Everyone!
  2. The holy grail being work and persistence?
  3. more details please
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    you've been trading since 2000 and you're delusional enough to think that one 15% month is evidence that you've found the holy grail?!?

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    Don't you get it?

    This is where you get the response:

    "Of course, my good chump. For the small sum of only $4.999 I will share with you my fantastic revelation. I have been able to code it in Tradestation and it is ready for you to earn millions within minutes of purchase."


    Caveat emptor

  6. You found the holygrail? Well so has everyone else. I'm right here.
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    stanbic, i would like to see how you trade. do you use math?

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    OMG! FINALLY!!! I've been looking all over, finally my search is over. :D *bow*
  9. Give the person a break. Isn't this his first post?
  10. you have cut your losses at levels that do insignificant damage to your account and you have >90% winners...

    care to share which instrument your following? i don't think i've found that one yet...
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