I have done the unthinkable...but hear me out

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by chaykapwr, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. I just bought some Societe Generale in my zone of 4.55-4.85...well add on at 3.68-3.35

    call me crazy but i like it...only way ill be wrong is if the stock goes to 0
  2. ur crazy
  3. you're*...
  4. Bob111


    this statement doesn't make any sense to me...you have to say how much did you bought it. 4.45 or whatever mean nothing....it could be 100 shares..big fucking deal. but if you bought it x2 of all of your assets-then it is a big deal..looks like you cant' even phrase it right..but..whatever..good luck!
  5. wildshoe


    ...yeah that's retarded, if it was an american bank, i'd say good on you, since americans dont know how to riot

    TBTF is not a european concept, there will be riots and blood and the bank will fall
  6. So you would short them right now?

    They are 90% off their highs. Whatever you think might happen, it's priced into their stock.

    Not a bad play chay. I'd bet my gamblin money, but not the rent money if you know what I mean.
  7. Visaria


    I would prefer to short, but unfortunately you can't since shorting French banks is not allowed atm.
  8. first target will be 5.58 which I feel will be the make or break on this trade. this will give me over 10% in a couple of days.
  9. Epic


    That isn't a fair analysis. Just because a long position is crazy, it doesn't necessarily follow that a short is prudent. When a ticker loses 90% suddenly and now sits at ~$4.00, what would be the incentive to short them? Even if you expect an eventual bankruptcy, it probably isn't a good short. Doesn't change the fact that it is a crazy long.
  10. So if he bought 100,000 shares would it be a big deal? What if those 100k shares were only 5% of his account? would you still be impressed, or would it be the same as you buying 100 shares of it?

    Why do people have to give you their financial statement when telling you what trade they are in? You want to see if they have more money than you or something?(or less)?
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