I have Don Miller, Toby Crabel, Tony Oz, and many more. will swap for other things!!!

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  1. Hi, i have these courses and more. If its not on this list, ask me and I'll tell you if i have it. I will swap this for other courses or something else. Very reasonable.

    1. Toby Crabel Book
    2. Tony Oz Trading course
    3. Don Miller CD, The E-mini's course
    4. Don Miller tapes, 2, Trading the QQQ for a living
    5. Larry Connors, Window Strategy
    6. George Angell on Futures
    7. Stan Kim, Trading Simplified
    8. Stan Kim, High Probability Trading Techniques
    9. Joe Duffy, The ket to tomorrow's prices today
    10. Toni Turner, Short Selling Strategies
    11. Alex Elder, 2 tapes, trading for a living
    12. Alex Eder, Triple Screen Trading
    13.Chris Manning, Proven Chart patterns that Work
    14. Chris Manning, 12 Simple technical indicators that really work
    15. Oliver Velez, micro Trading Tactics
    16. Oliver Velez, Intraday Trading Tactics
    17. martin Prin On Momentum
    18. Kevin Haggerty, Slim Jim Trading.
  2. prox


    Are these legal copies ?

  3. i am not sure what you mean.
  4. What is your experience with Don Miller's course (QQQ). Would appreciate anyone's feedback.
  5. Of course they are legal. Pay no attention to the brown paper bag, and that it is recorded over last week's reunion episode of "Beverly Hills 90210".
  6. All kidding aside, I would like to hear the feedback also. If the system is so good, why would anyone be selling or trading it? I would be too busy making money to worry about recouping any expense, and any expense would me minimal compared to the money I was making!!!
  7. i am trading these because i always look for things that could give me a better edge in trading. I am using his system for trading and i love it. The only thing is that it takes a lot of discipline, so if you don't have, don't bother with this one. I use, and i am using it as i am typing this message, the only reason i am not making trades is because i am waiting for his set ups, and at this momemt i do not see any. But, i did make trades earlier, and worked out excellent. The course is $800, so if i could get something i do not have to spend more money on, why not? otherwise i would be making money just to get these courses. If there's an opportunity, why not take it? Miller talks about that too. Anyway, i am pretty consistent with his system, works well. But, once again, you must have discipline to follow it. Take that seriously, i cannot stress that enough. I know a lot of people who hate his course because they cannot follow through with it. You must have discipline to use it. he talks about taking every opportunity, but sometimes you might have 3 or 4 bad trades in a row, and a lot of traders get discouraged with that and no longer want to trade for the rest of the day. But, if you keep taking those opportunities, your one or 2 trades will wipe out your losses because they are small, and you will get a proft that is quite nice.

    Thats what happed to me this morning. I had 3 bad trades this morning, but my 4th and 5th i scored really big. I am up so far, with a very nice profit.
  8. Thanks for the response. You already have five trades using his system thus far today?

    Can you make a living using his system if you are disciplined, like you say? Have you tracked your results - % increase in equity - since you started?

  9. I trade with a firm, not at home, so i do not track my capital % increase. yes, i had 5 trades and you definetelly can make a great living using his system. But, i cannot stress the discipline factor enough.

    While i was typing this message i saw an opportunity on my screen. I took the trade, and had a small gain. So now, 6 trades.
  10. What are you trading? ES? NQ? Looks like you must be trading
    1-min bars?
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