I have bought Al Brooks' Trading Course

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    I intend to study this course intently and see if there is anything that will enhance my trading. If not, I will request a full refund ($249). There are 36 hours of videos to watch. I'll make notes on each video with a critical eye. I intend to watch 3 to 4 hours a day. I will post my satisfaction or otherwise here.
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  2. Cool, looking forward to your feedback. Good luck.
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  3. At least you're giving the guy's stuff a try before placing judgment.
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  4. Why?
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    Studied it and found no value, his style and so called findings are considerably inferior to market structure you can learn on your own if you bow down and become a dedicated market follower.
  6. Wouldn't swallowing glass be easier and less painful?
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    Or dragging your testicles through ten miles of broken glass...
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    You could do the same, plus professional write-up:

    Marketsurfer trashes endorses Al Brooks' Trading Course
  9. Hmmm....a simple approach is usually the best one....otherwise, the methodology gets too convoluted and difficult to implement. 36 hours seems excessive unless he's assuming you don't know a stop order from a limit order.
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