I have been practicing paper trading, so far I have beaten the hedge funds

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  1. 14% annualised return VS S&P -40%

    Not too bad.

    I am interested in trading in real life though I think I got the hang of via paper trading but would like some insight.

    I have 500,000 dollars cash I can use for trading but I do not want to use leverage or margin. what is a good platform for trading?

    is options writing a good idea? maybe write put contracts on the SPY.

    I was thinking of writing put contracts for december for SPY at strike price of 70 and a premium of 2.00? sounds like a safe bet.
  2. You got $500K and you can only trade to 14% apr?

    If I were you, I'd put it in some Muni's. Seriously. With the interest they are paying and the tax advantage you'd do pretty well.

    This ain't no market for new traders...
  3. clacy


    14% on a demo account isn't too great bro.

    Also, I wouldn't personally go from paper, to $500k trading.

    If I were you, I'd mess around with $5-10k while the rest is in 90 day t-bills.
  4. WTF? You think paper trading is anywhere near the same thing as real time trading with real money on the line? This thread is just irritating. You outperformed hedgefunds on your 2 dollar notebook. Give me a break. Who cares. I could paper trade myself into a fortune too. It's too easy to let winners run, or let losers ride on paper. Try it in real time, when you have bills to pay with that money. Secondly, watching the market on paper is very different than real-time action. The tape is much more unforgiving than your notebook.
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    you gotta give him that he recognizes he is in the trad3r family
  6. Why need insight? You got it all figured out. Go tiger!
  7. Divide your paper trading returns by 4 and you'll get an idea of your actual performance. Then again, if your paper results are 10-20%, then you'll most likely be negative in real life.
  8. LOL
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    don't discourage the lad. the market needs fresh ....
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    One of the idiotic claims. Let compare apple to apple, if you can prove that the Hedge Fund was paper trading as well then I'll take my hat off to you. :D
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