I have been censored and kicked out of LinkedIn after decades :-)

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    The topic per your OP was AI and Simmons. Being a professor carries more weight than being some random douchebag. People pretend to be professors in order to add credibility to their posts. This is my guess why you were banned. You don't post much about why you were banned other than your indignation. So whatever.
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  2. Hi newwurldmn,

    As I mentioned, I have been a LinkedIn user for many many years. If they had to merely establish if I am a "professor" (as if it mattered), they should have done it earlier. Also, it is obvious from my institutional email (people who are not faculty can't have that email) and my posts.

    I do not know what was the "offending" post, because the link they inserted in the email just leads to a login (see my reply) and not to any post (as they state in the email).
    Anyway, it could be anything if they are just looking for an excuse.

    All I know is that I have been doing exactly the same things for a very long time (same kind of posts, trading journal updates, and ordinary groups' maintenance), and I know exactly a couple of new discussion topics ("Quantum trading", AI hype, Bing, Simons vs W.B., etc...) in the last weeks. So that was just my guess :)

    Being a "professor" does not mean anything. It's just a job: it does not guarantee absolutely anything about righteousness or intelligence. Also, many professors are douchebags, as you say. Nobody makes "arguments from authority" anywhere, unless he is a total idiot, imho.

    Meaning and significance must come from words, not from the messenger :)

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  3. I am actually quite tired to attract good traffic and stir valuable conversations on undeserving social media, which sooner or later reveal their true colors, as instruments of political propaganda (Ukraine, Zelensky, and so on) and occult pathetic advertising (AI, Bing, MSFT, Nadella, Simons, ...).

    I think I will create my own social media for discussion with worthy people without idiotic political and technological nonsense and without unilateral propaganda. No censorship either. This way I do not have to genuflect to the idiotic arrogance of these narrow-minded servant managers.

    They have really the nerve to even occultly promote posts where they call themselves "geniuses" :)) An obsolete and dying social media where the people actually active are relatively very few (and many of them are either just recruiters or just desperate in search of a job). If you engage in some discussion after a while you realize the participants are always the same and actually very very few, especially compared to the number they boost.

    I had already experienced a bit of creating a prototypical space for a trading journal and I think that idea can be expanded. This could be a hybrid between a forum-type structure (like ET) and LinkedIn (with some emphasis on people profiles) that could be created.

    In fact, apart from the propaganda and the continuous occult advertising, what I really hate about LinkedIn is the very lousy layout, where it is practically impossible to publish pictures and material for an effective discussion. While I find this forum (ET) quite ideal from that point of view. And for me, it's actually a huge source of inspiration.

    I will keep posting here too, however (even though the site, as any, does not lack retards :)) ), for gratitude, and of course, I will keep warm a free lifetime sponsorship spot for Baron, anytime he feels worth reclaiming it :))
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  4. I am very active on social media (FB, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn, plus some others); however, I cannot for the life of me see the value in LinkedIn. It is full of people trying to sell you something. Very few people are looking for services. I am also a very old user of ET, but I must say the traffic on ET has been abysmal from the early days when I started posing. No offense Baron. :)
    For visibility, Twitter is still hot after the bloodletting of the Woke. Reddit is quite active, I hate FB, but I still use it.
    Good luck creating your own that will stick...Trump tried it and failed. (like him or not, he HAS a name behind with a cult-like following) It takes a lot of mojos, time, money, etc., but of course, you own the content and traffic.

    P.S. You cannot create a quality community without guidelines, i.e., censorship.
    And attracting posts and contributors is hard. I have been there and done that! I was kicked out of Quora, so we have that in common. :)
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  5. Yeah, I quite agree with most of your opinion TimtheEnchanter, apart perhaps from a point noted below.

    > It is full of people trying to sell you something

    I do not have a big issue with people wanting to sell things or promote projects when that is done transparently and without dishonesty (as some do). I think it's legit wanting to give visibility to our ideas, ambitions, and projects, provided they do not hurt others and provide some real value. After all, a life without wanting to build something is quite empty :)

    > Twitter is still hot

    This is as social as I tried, and, to be frank, I never really liked it. The whole idea of having to "tweet" instead of explaining things with proper insight, it's something that repels me and seems more suitable for people with a big ego and an inane sense of self-importance. It may be my personal perception, but it never "convinced" me. And lately will all the Musk's big ego flood, I really avoided even logging in. Well, I admit I may just have a wrong preconception on this.
    Also, since, to me, the message layout is fundamental, that is an additional and important reason to dislike it even more.

    > I hate FB, but I still use it.

    Yes, FB is somewhere where I refuse to even think to create an account. For some strange reason, I have a bad vibe about it, and feeling like something really "low-level", like a thing for exhibitionists without depth. Again, just a personal perception, of course.

    > Good luck creating your own that will stick...Trump tried it and failed

    Ah yes, for sure. Surely, if I start it is not something of which I could ever see the possible "success" (if any) in my lifetime, as my remaining time is obviously not long. However, this will not prevent me from starting to work on it. After all, I have been doing that all my life. Starting new things and continuously working on them :))

    Success or not, it is not really important: let's enjoy the journey with an attitude to provide real value and service, and what comes, comes... :)

    > You cannot create a quality community without guidelines, i.e., censorship.

    Well, I believe that guidelines and censorship are two distinct things.

    For instance, if I tell you not to post explicit porn on the site, that is a "guideline" and if you violate it, I am going to remove the post, and probably ban your account, if you really insist on doing that. The reason is that I need to take into consideration the rights of other users too, who do not want to see that on the social medium. (Well, unless the site is explicitly for that kind of stuff. But that is another matter...)

    However, if I start systematically eliminating or making difficult all the posts that try to explain Putin's reason and Nato expansion, and only give space to the posts that promote sending weapons to Zelensky, that, of course, is a form of censorship. And in this case, I would be violating the most important rule: violating the right of a large part of users, and the right to the "truth", whatever it may be.
    Same thing, if I insert (occultly promoted) posts of fake users, saying what a genius is a such and such person, while it is pretty evident the person is either a notorious idiot, a sociopath, or some crook looking for aggrandizing his ego and scamming people and shopping for his "reputation". It's still disrespectful to users and their collective intelligence. And these are things for which sooner or later you pay the bill.

    > I was kicked out of Quora

    Yes. Quora is another social with big problems. A lot of fake posts and questions and retarded automation.
    The whole "atmosphere" is a complete sense of high frustration felt by the participants. With all those idiotic questions about IQ, about Feynman, Einstein, or if Mike Tyson or some MMA fighter is stronger than a gorilla or a chimp :)) , and so on ... And the Advertising is horrific and very low level (just a little higher than porno, I'd say, but I am not sure :)).
    Especially all the nonsense spread by trading-related scammers. And if you say something to expose them, they are fast to kick you out. Pretty bad situation :)

    > And attracting posts and contributors is hard

    Absolutely. But think about it. In life, you do not need millions of friends. You just need a handful of good ones. What is the point of boosting large numbers, when it's mostly all fake, immorality permeates it, and everyone knows it?

    Just keep it real and be satisfied to talk with a few worthy people who can give us real value and insight. Life is not that long, it's just a flash. At least let's make it right and meaningful :))

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  6. Still, plenty of money managers are on Twitter and they use youtube and their website. I agree is an acquired taste and takes time to get used to.
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  7. Have been born and having lived quite a while in communist Romania, I'm quite familiar with how a totalitarian system works and what you need to do to survive - essentially doublethink.

    It's hard even for established democracies to maintain functionality and not turn into a shitshow (like woke cancel culture, etc), but corporations, they were never and will never be but brutal autocracies masked under a heavy (and vomit inducing) triumphalist propaganda.

    Really, LinkedIn is one of the worst. I browse it's feed regularly out of nostalgia (reminds me of communist agitprop) and for pure entertainment. Of a sick kind of course but still entertaining, I wonder how much more sycophantic and brown nosing can people be. Not just HR, those are party's politruks or managers, as the nomenklatura. But plain regular working class people exceeding themselves at butt kisses per minute in the vague hope they might be promoted.

    So I emphasize but sorry to say, problem's on you. Being a dissident in communist China or autocratic pre-revolutionary France can only end in one way. People may express sympathy but the system won't change and you will get broken.

    So rather than be brave (and stupid) it's better to be smart. Use two accounts, like me. A professional account on my real name, where you keep your composure and appear like a good citizen to The Party. And as many throwaway fake accounts as needed if you want to genuinely express yourself.

    There aren't many places like Elite Trader on the Internet, where there's a reasonable certainty that you can say your mind and not be brutally sent to the Gulag for it.
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  8. > Use two accounts, like me. A professional account on my real name...

    Yeah Aquarians, I think practically each and every one of us has done that at least once in his life. There may be clearly a purpose to a second account, although it may double the effort :)

    For me, it happened rarely the desire to create an additional account, usually only for the purpose of engaging in some low-level or funny discussion and becoming more playful. It was usually in plain sight and implicitly understood that the thing was soon uncovered and the account probably erased :)

    This is pretty much similar to when we switch from speaking proper Italian to our home city dialect ("Romanesco"), where our language takes all another color and uses very funny and very picturesque, unique, expressions :))

    However, personally, I would not use a fake account to merely support a point of view or create a false consensus, because I would consider it a form of cowardice. It also would conflict with the very idea of "honestly expressing yourself" (Bruce Lee :)). Usually, I want to be able to argue or possibly be "defeated" in a fair duel. After all, if an idea cannot walk with its own legs it's just right to be abandoned or reshaped. If I "lose" or am corrected, it means I did learn something, and that is the final goal :)

    > There aren't many places like Elite Trader on the Internet, where there's a reasonable certainty that you can say your mind and not be brutally sent to the Gulag for it.

    yeah, that is certainly true. It's often difficult and challenging to sustain a discussion here on ET, and the intellectual level or competence has a huge variance, but this is indeed a part of its appeal, at least for me. I just like to be "challenged", because I wish to strengthen my point of view and my approach and become stronger (and therefore more profitable). Clearly, it may become a bit irritant, when the challenger is a retard or someone supporting a dishonest point of view :))

    Btw, can someone enlighten me about what kind of software is at work here on ET and how come not many social media adopt this kind of nice and clear presentation layout?

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  10. "The next platform shi..."

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