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  1. Dear all,
    If you have the economics book which called:-
    A Complete Course
    Dan Moynihan Brian Titely
    Third Edition

    The book's cover is black with a ball printed on it.
    Please open on page 12 and explain to me exercise 10
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  2. Post the exercise, and I'm sure several of us will help you out!
  3. Please I want it in a hurry!
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  4. MTE


    I'm sure there are quite a few people here who would be able to help you, but very few may have the book at hand. So if you want an answer then post the question.
  5. The question is the following:-
    Exercise 10 International conflict:- Acid rain

    Many European factories and power stations which make goods and services use gas and coal for fuel. Waste gases from burning these resources are pumped into the atmosphere and then turn to acid as they mix with the air and water droplets in the clouds.

    The cloud then travels across national boundaries, and when it rains the acid falls on other countries with damaging effects: water in lakes and rivers becomes poisoned, animals and plants die. About 5% of the acid found rain in Germany and Sweden is from the UK. In Norway, between 9 and 12% of the acid in rain is from the UK. Countries which suffer the bad effects of acid rain would prefer the UK to filter the waste gases from its power stations and factories. However, it would be more costly for UK industry to do this.

    The choice is therefore between cheap power in the United Kingdom and a clean environment in Europe.

    1) What are the scarce resources under threat from acid rain?
    2) What is the opportunity cost of the pollution to the world?
    3) What conflict is illustrated in this dilemma?
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  7. Please I want a person to explain to me the exercise not to talk about jokes!
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  10. This is not science subject,this is economics subject. I prefer a person who studied economics please!
    Please write the words in a good English!
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