I have an odd question about how many shares can be bought at one time

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  1. As the title says, it's a strange question. I understand that you can send an order through your broker asking to buy/sell as many shares at a time, but what I'm wondering is how it gets filled at the exchanges. If you send a buy order for 1000 shares of stock XYZ at $50.00 to the exchanges and there's only 300 shares at that price left, what happens? Another scenario: What would happen if 10 people all sent the same price for 100 shares each, but there was only 500 shares of that stock, who would get it?
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    You get filled on 300 and it then becomes your bid on 200 until somebody else bids higher.

    The first marketable order(s) to reach the "floor" get filled, market orders get filled before limit orders fyi. Price always takes priority then time.
  3. Also, if you're using a retail broker then you might get your full order filled at 49.998 or 49.999 if a market maker takes the other side of your trade.
  4. Wrong. You are biding 700 shares at exactly [50.00] not 200shares (300 got filled). You will "get filled" if nobody bids higher true, but note you are standing in line at exactly 50 no matter what happens (700 shares BID at 50.00)

    #1- You get filled on 300 shares at exactly 50. and now are bidding 700 shares at exactly 50. (this assumes your question means you use a LIMIT BUY order at 50.00.)

    If you pick "MARKET you will get filled on ALL 1000 shares of the order at the "best available price" which can be MORE then exactly 50.00)

    #2- If 10 people all try and buy 100 shares at
    EXACTLY 50 (when there are only 500 left). The first 5 people will get filled IN ORDER of the moment the click "buy" at 50 (eliminating the 500 shares that are available). The other 5 people will be standing in line at EXACTLY 50 on the BID (in order of time also). Like I said everything I just said will happen in ORDER of the time of who trades first.