I have an idea that can save the individual investor and wallstreet as well.

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  1. Everytime new retail investors do something stupid, lawsuits fly and congress/washington gets on the bandwagon to curtail the free markets.

    Facebook is a perfect example, no one put a gun on the head of the unwashed masses and told them to buy. Yet they did and now they cry.

    They failed to do things like read the Prospectus on thursday for example etc..

    My plan. Require anyone who wants to open up an account with TD,etrade,etc.. to get a basic traders license.

    Similar to how people need to get a drivers license before they can drive.

    Cover basic topics like what an S-1 filing is, how to go to edgars and look them up.

    Basic topics like P/E ratios,penny stocks,what OTC means, etc..

    insure a basic level of knowledge and education. An educated customer is a better customer.
  2. sheda


    But it would never stay that simple the bureaucrats would start foaming at the mouth and make it an insanely complex process and then of course add some authority as to who can and cant have one, plus the cost.
  3. never happen.

    retail is too lazy.

    they all listen to cramer and a pump and dump banksta broker in a brook's brother suit.

    pipe dream.


  4. one other thing.........


    iron bar hotel the entire lot.

  5. "The stock market.........

    a legal venue for a banksta and his crew to dump an over hyped IPO at triple the value to a group of retail muppets.”