I have an idea: Lower SS benefits with unemployment penalties

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Buzzed, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Buzzed


    People who work contribute to the SS pool. People who collect unemployment are crippling Social Security with those lost taxes and are putting the nation further into debt as congress continues to extend unemployment over and over and over again.

    So how about we lower the impact the unemployed have on our national debt situation by lowering their SS benefits? For every dollar collected through unemployment compensation, one dollar should be removed from past income earnings to calculate SS benefits.

    Good idea? Bad idea?

  2. My dad died before he collected ss. His last words to me: "It is okay son if someone else gets my ss benefits and never contributed." Nice guy, huh?
  3. The issue with your idea is that it does not address the real problem. The problem is theft. The problem is the no good worthless scumbags in congress have been raiding the SSN fund for nearly 50 years. Had they not been stealing the money, there would be a surplus of money. In 1983 SSN tax was increased to make sure there would be enough money for the "Baby Boom" generation that would be retiring in great numbers. Congress promptly looted all that money. We should have a 1.5 trillion dollar surplus in the fund. Instead we have a bunch of worthless IOU's.
    We could be, and should be, talking about lowering the retirement age instead of raising it. Until the actual problem is addressed, the SSN fund will always be less than it needs to be.
    The problem is NOT too many people retiring. The problem is NOT too many people retiring early. The problem is NOT a scaled down work force paying less into the fund. The problem IS theft!!