I have an appeal i am stuck in too much losses

Discussion in 'Forex' started by samekhan, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. samekhan


    Hello expert traders i have an appeal please i am stuck in too much losses please i need help can some expert froext trader help me how to fix my account and how to get out from the mes which i have created please please help em some one please dont tell em to close all loss orders please dont ignor my message help me some one please Thanks
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  2. Accept the money is gone... Get a hold.of your emotions...it's just money
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  3. Get out of forex. There’s no reasonable strategy you can employ. If you continue, I fear you will blow your entire account.
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  4. Greetings.
    I can be of assist to you.
    But first you have send the sum of $1000 U.S. dollars to my uncle in Nigeria to help aid him out of prison.
    Pleas to await your reply
  5. LOL dude you sound like a young guy who has lost all his savings trying to trade the market....nothing wrong with that. Pack up your bag and move on. Everyone experiences draw downs that make them doubt themselves. You have 2 choices. Stick with it and lose more money (eventually you will come around if you LOVE finance) or second you can give up the dream of "financial freedom", "passive income", "living the fast life with super models and lambos with only 2 hours of work a day". Lots of easier ways to make money in life. For example the guy who sold you the forex dream is probably enjoying a nice margarita in jamaica right now.
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    The first lOSS you take is the best loss.
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  7. samekhan,

    I assume your using a Forex dealer outside of the USA because of the broken English in your opening post.

    When trading Forex you need to understand that the Forex dealer controls the quotes and your money. There in no regulated price quote feed used. It is difficult to trade Forex and be profitable unless the dealer allows it...then you got to try and withdraw your money which can be another hard thing to do.

    I realize you are asking for help, but you need to understand that this is the Wild West of Forex.


    P.S. When you lose money in the Casino...can you get your money back?
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  8. JSOP


    Get out of forex and trade stocks, futures, options instead. Anything that's traded on a regulated exchange is better than forex.
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  9. bookish


    Hey! I already sent you that money three times! When is he going to get out? You still haven't sent that money from the oil company to my bank!
  10. samekhan


    sir i did not lose money yet loss is still running and i lock the account i just need a good point to open buy or sell and then recover some loss thats it so i just need that guidence rfom an expert traders which is no one ready to do :(
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