I have accurate information from Middle East

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    I am not going to hide the fact that I am a pessimist, I remember being an optimist in my 20s :D

    But this whole thing in Middle East is just a beginning and when Netanyahoo attacks Iran, you better be hedged with oil and gold.

    I spoke to my sister's husband who works in Middle East as a contractor. He has been there off and on for 10 years, he even speaks pretty good Arabic.

    This movie is just a spark in the tank of high octane Gasoline, just a spark. The real anger comes from people being sick and tired of US and European and Israeli sabotage over the years.

    Wars, Abduction, Torture, Murder, Political Subterfuge, Financial Plunder

    And of course who can forget present day enlargement of Israeli territory by force by the so called "illegal settlements"
    Israel is the ONLY country that literally grows its borders by force and no one in the western world says they shouldn't do it.

    Imagine if Mexico was taking over Texas, and by force pushing Texan Americans up north, and the rest of the world just kept quiet.
    And lets say one country (Canada for example) kept saying
    "hey Mexico what the hell are you people doing"

    and the rest of the world tells Canada, Shut up Canada SHUT UP
    or we are gonna bomb your behind.

    Canada being Iran in this case.

    This isn't just some BS...........This is real people.....real lives


    Thank you everybody, my vacation starts right now :)
    See you soon.
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    please,do not come back!
  3. So you post this in the psychology forum because the stress has made you mentally disturbed?
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    All the billions spent by the US for information on foreign countries and they are still clueless. Whether it's the collapse of the Soviets or how to treat the muslim countries - hopeless !

    Hilary & co just push on with the same ole politics without even guessing the offence they are causing from a group of people that want a cause. Not really buyable with money anymore. Not that the US has any really.

    To sum up US and foreign relations for the last 50 years as pathetic is an understatement.

    Oh dear they are so arrogant and can't learn. Not until they are on their knees begging will the penny drop.

    As US allies we are pulled down into the same pit and it's plenty big enough.
  5. Looking for logic and reason is a lost cause. Like why can the US make peace with Japan, Germany and now Vietnam, but still hold a grudge against Cuba?
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    The Jews are being pushed to the brink again, same as in Nazi Germany.
  7. Quran burning at Noon tomorrow after Billy's sermon.
  8. haha c-kid never does a good job of hiding himself. It's your writing style, dude.
  9. blow the camel jockey bastards straight to hell.
  10. piezoe


    It may have something to with there having been no large voting block of Japanese or German expats concentrated in a key electoral college State who did not want the U.S. to make peace with Japan or Germany.

    i.e., in my opinion the U.S. refusal to normalize relations with Cuba is driven by politics rather than logic, whereas logic was able to prevail in the case of Japan and Germany after WW II..

    As the first generation of voting Cuban expats in Florida dies off the U.S. will resume normal relations with Cuba. We are already seeing moves in that direction.
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