i have about 100 pending orders in and IB crashes

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Bluegar3, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. I'm on the phone trying to call it just keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing....
  2. Joab


    In 10 mins from now all the IB minions will be on this thread like white on rice doing damage control.

    IB sucks - always has always will and to boot their arrogant as hell.

    Go prop baby :cool:
  3. I always have around 50-60 pending orders and it never crashes for me. Good luck to you though, sorry to hear about your issue, hope you get it fixed soon.
  4. RL8093


    Part of ET's entertainment value ..... :D

  5. I thought I was the only one having problems. I went and bought RB, heard and ding and my account went blank. Nice.

    Gotta love IB :D I'm doing so well today, I knew IB would do something to F it up for me.
  6. fhl


    Wondered if it was only my machine. Hope you don't get hurt.
  7. Looks like cancelMktData has stopped working in my ATS as of about an hour ago. I'm getting lots of "max number of tickers has been reached" now. Great. :mad:
  8. akeyla


    Surprised, Kiwi Trader hasn't chimed in yet.
  9. Tums


    What do you mean by IB crashes?

    1. TWS crashed?
    2. your computer crashed/hanged?
    3. your operating system crashed/hanged?
    4. your internet connection crashed?

    if your TWS crashed,
    -- what version are you using?
    -- which Java do you have?

    if you couldn't get TWS up again quickly,
    -- have you tried using this

    or this
  10. Gustaf


    I can login but i only see like 5% of my total positions..
    #10     Oct 29, 2007