I have a sure-fire way to bring gasoline back down to $1.50...

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    Well at around $3 a gallon, thats 75 cents or so a quart. Some people pay more than this for bottled water.

    In UK, petrol is over a pound per liter which (at current exchange rates) is $8 a gallon.

    While no one is glad to pay more and more for gasoline, gasoline is still a small amount of the cost of operating a car for many. Add up the cost of car payments (newer car) or repairs (older car) plus insurance for a year. Compare this to the amount spent on gasoline for a year. Except for someone who is a traveling salesman or someone who routinely drives cross-country the cost of gasoline in the US, even at the current prices, is relatively small compared to other costs associated with a vehicle.
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  2. just as soon as they give me the same mileage on that quart...

    hey, when is the election?

    how much longer do we have to tolerate these conditions that are being supported, encouraged and fostered by these thieves in high offices?
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