I have a serious problem: I don't take a loss

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by BPtrader, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Hi, Vol

    Agreed. You said it better than me.

    Small losses are necessary; large losses start off as small losses that are left to grow.
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  2. with good guano like this and there is more, why was this thread placed in chit chat? helpful to trading community.

    yet there is a thread called how to be a guru in 10 easy steps that has been hanging around the front page for days now...instead of chit chat. how is a thread like that helpful or be the subject of a search query.
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  3. FB123


    Thanks for the comment. This thread was placed in chit-chat probably because the mental retard named BPtrader who is now on my ignore list started acting like a total douchebag and pissed everyone off. He basically started acting like he knew how to trade after posting in multiple places over the past 9 months (including this thread) that he has all kinds of problems and can't cut losers. Then all of a sudden, it was all an act and he was some kind of superstar who had all kinds of wonderful wisdom to impart, which of course he never bothered to actually share because we're all too stupid to understand his brilliance.

    For some insane reason, he seems to think that anything that sounds like standard trading advice must be wrong, because it's been quoted so many times and is generic. I guess it hasn't occurred to him that some of it has been repeated a lot because it's right.

    Read through the thread, you'll see what I mean... it got a little heated, so that's why they probably moved it.
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