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  1. I want to invest in a company called Ubisoft, they develop video games for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 etc. Their company is not located in the United State it's located in France/Paris. My question is, how do i invest in the company? What's their Stock symbol? Is FR:FR0000054470 their stock symbol?
    Any help would be great thanks.

  2. ImamicPH, thanks for your help. I guess I'll just call it in, that always works best. Is Ubisoft traded in OTC? Or CAC 40?
  3. From what I understand the CAC 40 is the like the SP500, an index.

    From the website it looks like the UBI is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.
  4. It trades on the Paris stock exchange.... you'll just have to call broker and see if they even cover that.
  5. Get your self IB as a broker they allow you to trade other market besides US, pretty much if the country has a stock market IB should have it.
  6. Ubisoft certainly is a good company, but worth investing in? I'm not so sure about the game industry right now as everything is slowing down.

    I am writing an article on a game website about the current state of the game industry and why things are not looking promising for the future. I just hope the PS3 and Wii come out strong.

    Might PM it to you once I get it completed if interested.

    I'm currently finishing up a writing about how the game industry is influencing and hurting the movie industry.
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    Hey, I'd be interested in reading it. I was around during the start of the video game industry back in the seventies. Owned just about all of the systems pre 2000. Went to the arcades as a kid. AHd home computers and played games on them. I still play games. Mostly FPS type games like Call of Duty, etc. Of course Chess. I'll say this, while production values have gone up, the strategy and problem solving in these games has gone way down. They've been dumbed down. Much like many of the Hollywood movies. Anyway, like to read you take on it. If you would, I wouldn't mind a PM with the URL to the articles when you're finished.
  8. I LOVE the video game industry, Ubisoft is one of the best in the industry and Activision is great too. IMHO one of the worst has to be EA (Electronic ART), they have chosen quantity over quality and their sales have dropped thanks to that and their CEO refusing to pay OT to employees which led to them suing for it. Ubisoft in the other hand has chosen quality over quantity and i would like to invest before the release of their new game (Splinter Cell: Double Agent) which is due for release in the 3rd Q.

    Before i invest i like to find out how the employee feel about the company, that's how i doubled my money by investing in AMR when everyone said it was a dieing market. ATYT is another great stock to invest in, their profits are going to go threw the roof now they are making graphic chips for both the Xbox 360 and Wii. Sony in the other hand is a question mark since their new system is going to be expensive and Blue-Ray could fail which would send their stock plummeting to the ground, some people are already calling it Beta-Ray.
  9. I think the future of the gaming industry is going to depend heavily on the following things:

    PC Games - Vista is coming out soon, and PC game publishers are hoping that Vista will encourage users to upgrade their PC's to the latest technology so PC games can take full advantage and possibly restore a footing in the game industry. I know Ubisoft has made some good PC titles, so be sure to see if Ubisoft has any hot titles that might hit selves for the PC in the next year or so.

    Xbox 360 - Xbox 360 sales are down and game sales are down because of higher priced games. Ubisoft might be having a rough time here, but end of year figures will be interesting. Ghost Recon was a definate hit and is still selling strong though. So keep in mind for those that haven't purchased GRAW on Xbox 360 will be sure to pick it up on the PS3 if it is a launch title and will certainly be a hit.

    PS3 & Wii - You should definately be looking for any Ubisoft titles that are coming out at launch for these systems. A great launch title from the company could sell very well for a company. (Halo on Xbox for example). So keep in mind that the sales of PS3 and Wii will be affecting the performance of game sales themselves.

    So it's both interesting and confusing, and the next year will definately answer some questions about the future about the gaming industry in my opinion.

    So we shall see.

    Just such a critical moment for the gaming industry in my opinion in the next year, for every game developer, for every game publisher, for every platform possible, just will be a critical moment.
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