I have a profitable strategy.... looking for a pair trader who knows what they are do

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  1. ing....

    I have a profitable strategy and I have REAL TIME trading results to prove it. It is fairly scalable.

    I'm looking for a pair trader who knows what they are doing. And by that... has a profitable track record. REALTIME trading ONLY

    I'm looking to do a swap a strategy kinda thing

    PM ME for details
  2. So, NOT actual returns but you mean you make calls in real time?

    How can people be taken seriously when then don't put their money in the market, but instead make predictions.

    Before the Super Bowl, I said the Giants would win.

    That is a real time prediction.

    I made no money.

    Can you give me money?
  3. its very simple.

    From my real time trading (not simulated trading) I can show a profit.

    I'm looking for someone who can show a profit as well (not simulated profits)
  4. Bob111


    are you into that?


    show me your i'll show you mine
  5. Bowgett


    LOL Never gets old :D
  6. :D
  7. Swap a profitable trading strategy, fuck no. Hot hittable bitches ah yeah...
  8. Do you still have your server in Brooklyn? I gotta say this is one of the strangest things I've ever heard - strategy swap??


  9. why is this strange?

    to blend his strategies of course. To smooth his equity curve.

    Every strategy has drawdown no matter what, so if he can swap one with a non correlated one then he can blend