I have a headache

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  1. If your first thought was, "what does this have to do with trading?," you're not alone.

    Think about it, though; regardless as to why I have a headache (tax season, stress trying to decipher data, other issues), it cause me to feel that I am less effective in making investing/trading decisions than if I didn't have a headache.

    It has very much relevance to trading.
  2. Bernake please don't **** things up. Just say 'inflation is under control' or 'interst rates wont go up' or anything along those lines. Please don't say anything too negative that can be construed as a future possible rate hike or increasing inflation.
  3. Bernanke only adds to the tension headache that I have today.
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  5. It doesn't matter what he says. Up on day. Everythings good and people are euphoric. BUY BUY BUY
    He could say that the world is coming to an end and we would rally.
  6. ughhh....time 2 ride it out

    turn off the screen and go outside

    the market needs to shake off these interest rate fears and the only way to do this is by selling to get rid the weak hands.

    Another quarter point hike is being priced in which will help soften the blow should the fed actually raise rates again.
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    This may just be chop. :)
  8. Oh, C'mon! Why should you stress? As you've been saying, the market is just going up, up and away!

  9. 1:45 to go, a lot can happen in105 minutes.
  10. My headache is worse.
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