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    ... and I want to open a trading account. I was planning on using IB because (I thought) it was 500 bucks to open an account, but no longer. Ameritrade's commissions will eat me alive because my trading strategy requires lots of trading.

    Basically, I require under 1000 dollars initial deposit and the bare minimum charged as commission.

    Any ideas?
  2. you cant trade with under a 1000 bucks. save up some more money then try later.
  3. Save money?
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    Thanks tips. But one used to be able to trade with 500 bucks, there must be a broker out there that still accepts so little.

    It's more for the experience than to make cash, by the way.

  5. This would probably be an experience http://www.oanda.com/

    You might want to play the game for a while first before putting any $ on the line. But they say you can trade as small as you want.

    I don't think I'd try it with my 1000 bux. :) but "everybody to their own notion," said the old lady that kissed the cow.
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    Thanks plum.

    Blessed are the rigid for they shall not be warped by pressure. ;)
  7. Blessed are the rigid for they shall not be warped by pressure. ;)

    LOL :D that's a good one - but the market has some warp speed warping pressure
  8. imo... if you want the experience trade in a demo account and save in the mean time.
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    I've been actively paper-trading and would like some real experience.

    Thanks for the advice, but it's information I'm looking for.

  10. hey bro,

    i started with 1000.00 back in 1990 and am still at it , so don't let these guys discourage you. this was before the pattern day trading rule , i traded options and a little $2.00 stock called LA GEAR. anyone remember that one ? a momentum stock before the term was coined .

    i think these guys will let you open an account with $2500.00 and then let you trade with as little as < $1000.00 after the account is open. www.daytrade4less.com

    best wishes,

    surfer :)
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