I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be bad.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by prc117f, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. prc117f


    Not sure why but I have this premonition that tomorrow the markets are going to fall fast.
  2. clacy


    With that system (gut feeling), I would guess that your trading account is what will be falling fast.
  3. ssbc19


    About a month ago I had a dream that oil had reached a top....
  4. Market is oversold. You better be careful. It could fall hard, but it could also break upwards hard. The risk/reward to even trade here is not good for either side.
  5. Lucrum


    I felt a gas pain earlier, fortunately it "passed".
  6. ammo


    it could rally into fri or monday,the shorts got 400 points and then some now we go back up for the next downturn
  7. Had a look at the preminomiter and tweeked the feeling settings and my oh goodness - your right. Every market is over-feelinged.

    I have a Sell Stop thru 80 on everything - should be a good one.
  8. And a bunch of other people have the feeling that the market is going to rise fast.

    When you ignore both groups, then it is possible to focus on trading what you see.
  9. I feel very apathetic.

    Wonder what that means for the markets.
  10. gobar


    wow all bashers r wrong...

    nice call till now...
    #10     Jun 11, 2008