I have a crazy birth certificate question

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  1. I put this directly in chit chat, because I knew it's where it would end up anyway.

    A friend of a friend heard I was involved in the stock market and contacted me via facebook. He heard the number on his BC (not the ss#) was directly linked to a government bond, and that a stock broker can look up the number and figure out the value of said bond.

    I'm a prop trader and I have no access other than trading stocks, and Google gave some pretty silly results.

    Just to be clear, he is a highly educated dude, but he also seems to be a big believer in conspiracy theories, but I told him I would ask around, regardless of how silly it sounds.

    I apologize in advance for wasting your time.
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    Brother Badger, you need to set up a consultation with George Noory.
  3. Are you saying I'm not ready for the big leagues yet? I was thinking Art Bell. :)
  4. The bonds are in Chicago, good luck.
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    I thought Art retired.
  6. Let me guess, traded in the secret basement of the cbot, right?
  7. Probably.

    I didn't listen. i heard a few shows many many years ago, but that's it.
  8. Should i just assume right now that i am pursuing an untamed ornithoid without just cause?
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    As my user name implies, I trade govt bonds professionally. This is purely unhinged nonsense. I hope you are joking.
  10. The answer is no connection for the bonds.
    Art Bell was the greatest! Going into the Y2K crapola he started fading, but before that he was fantastic. I had him on on my way to work and flipped him on as soon as I got there.
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