I have a confession to make and it ain’t pretty.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by FutTrd, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Dear ET traders and passer-byers, it not easy for me to disclose what I am about to disclose, it isn’t easy to take a leap of faith and simply tell the truth.

    But I am gonna, I need to speak out, I need to tell someone. The importance of truth is
    Unquestionable. The truth is liberating. The truth shall set me free.

    Okay are you ready, ok here goes nothing. But hold on, just for a moment, I need to know that you won’t judge me. Its easy for you to just respond saying “ you god damn f*** ”
    But just stop and think for a moment. This could happen to you too.

    We are all human beings right. Anything can happen. So hold your judgment and reflect on what I am about to disclose.

    When I was starting up as day trader I had a……no I’ll start from different perspective, the right perspective.

    First of all when I was young boy, and was watching air molecules clash and move, it was pretty clear that trains would go to VRE and see the mighty Pentium 4.

    Because if we were to assume the eventuality of deliberate deliverance, we would also get accustomed to devine comprehension of it all.

    Get it, its all about cycle of repetitive domination, over all possible contingencies.

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  3. You can say that again
  4. I thought you are coming out... :D

  5. The guy who started this must be another christian repub who loves little boys, meth, and hot IMs. :eek:
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    hey toronto guy

    screw you, how dare you write like that about a fellow Canadian

    I am in Vancouver

    I bet you are an immigrant who doesn't give a shit about CA and are here just to get papers

    if you didn't know I am Canadian, shame on you for not doing research,

    doing research on me on ET is mandatory :p