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    As a small investor, I am more and more concerned about my investment interest which are not properly protected. Specifically, I have a huge problem with large investors who put my account into tremendous risks. And there is no enough regulations to protect me and many other small investors. For example, the institutional and large investors are able to day trade without ANY limit. If they blow out a brokerage firm, many accounts of small investors go down with it.

    Why there is no sufficient regulation? Why? Mr. new SEC chairman, you vowed to protect small investors. Now it is time to act!

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    Which is why one chooses an insured broker. I must be too tired, I don't really see your point.
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    My point is that I am sick and tired that they have advantage of seeking more opportunity than I have but let me share their risks. It is unfair.


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    Ever hear of SIPC? http://www.sipc.org/index.html
    This insures your account up to $100K in Cash and $500K in Total incuding Securities! Why would anyone put their money in a bucket shop?
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    Who has the ability to trade without ANY limit? And, your account is not at risk when another account gets blown up.
  6. qdz, who is keeping you from working for one of the large investors?
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    Every time I see a complaint, someone whining, I know it's you. :p And when I think you can't out-do yourself with another silly, pointless thread... you manage to do just that. :p

    By the way, sorry to disappoint, but life is unfair. :p

  9. I couldn't have said it better.
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    That's not a post to put on ET!


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