I have 10 Openings, Act Fast

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  1. PPT


    I am willing to help students become the best of the best of the best.

    Do you want to live the life you always imagined?

    Set your own hours and be your own boss?

    Trade like the greatest market wizards and look at prices that they might even look at as well?

    Be part of a trillion dollar industry?

    Make money in your pajamas?

    Learn methods that not even pro's are aware of?

    Become masters of strategies that might be able to allow you to retire early?

    Make friends

    My strategies are some of the most hidden methods the world has ever known. Never published anywhere!!!

    I don't have a website, but I use yahoo finance and that is one of the best!!

    I cannot show P/L, so don't ask, thanks buddy

    I am looking for 10 students at 10,000 each for 10 year commitment

    You will have access to ET threads!!!

    I can show you what a moving average is

    and tons of other secret strategies

    What are you waiting for?

    Time is your most precious commodity.

    Don't you want to see what a trend is after it happened?

    PM me with all your credit card information

    lump sum, no refunds

  2. is it deductible?
  3. PPT


    It's deductible out of your bank account and into mine

    Please consult your tax professional

    Real-world example:

    I woke up today and my proprietary indicators (not shown) were bullish.

    now, if you bought the low and got out here (see top or near top) you could have made money

    Or try to buy in the middle, get the "meat" of the move where BIG MONEY (most overused term ever) controls the obvious trend.

    the money thread

  4. Does your method cut losses and let winners run? I am very interested!
  5. Are you female? :D

  6. Corelio


    rotflmao....only on EliteTrader.

  7. jjj1000


    Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaah :D

    Raskolnikov, that was good.

    I think this person is just joking, right. it can only be a joke. Coming here from nowhere asking for money to "teach" you how to trade without showing you anything as for "results" from the past. Very funny, it is probably somebody joking
  8. PPT


    This is NOT a joke.

    I really would like your money.

    Now my referral program.....oh, i get lots of questions on this..

    If you get me one client at 10k for 10 years, you will get 10k.

    That's 10,000 dollars

    let me repeat

    Ten THOUSAND dollars

    This is a limited offer, set to run out at 2016

    If you would like to talk to me on the phone, I only charge $2,000 per hour

    yea, i'm that important

    remember, i've looked at charts

    i have traded

    i've seen big volume

    i have charted volume

    i've even cut a loss super quick

    techiniques the pro's won't teach you

    try calling GS now and asking them to show you charts

  9. Is your system trades all products?
    Stocks/Futures/Forex ?
    Any earlybird discount >

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