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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by minimi, May 13, 2003.

  1. minimi


    I hate everyone in this finacial industry.
    Especially those price and rule manipulators.
    I hate this market.
    This is no game.
    This is a war between life and death.
    Go to the hell fuckers.
  2. We need your money, stay in the game


    LOL! Yep, but there's new players arriving every day. And if the market keeps running north then even more will come to "play" ... thinking it's as easy as taking money from an ATM.
  4. nuhhhhh not to worry, just talk to qdz(1 through 5) he'll set you straight on how to beat the system:cool:
  5. if you can't spot the sucker within half an hour... YOU ARE the sucker!

    G'luck... in whatever endeavor you choose next.
  6. dadada..another one bites the dust...dadada..another one bites the dust..
  7. minimi


    F*ckers, leave your real name and address here, especially if you think you are a scamer.

    F*ck you!
  8. Relax, the beautiful babies don't like a cry-baby.

    Uh-uh, that's not "money", baby!!

    Come on, who's a big winner here?? hah?? Who's a big winner??

    Minimi, that's who!!

    :( :(
  9. AWWWW...didnt baby get his bottle today?
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