I Hate Unsettled Money

Discussion in 'Trading' started by phubaba, Sep 18, 2008.

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    Where can I trade with an account size for 5000 that will allow me to trade without waiting 3 days after I sell !!! SO INFURIATING
  2. uh, any prop firm perhaps.
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    broker i mean..
  4. I think most brokers require 25k for that
  5. You need $25K, unless you trade futures. Read the SEC PDT rule.
  6. just put 5k at a respected prop firm and then you won't have to wait to trade.

  7. x2012


    one way is to get a margin account with your broker.

    i used to trade with myTrack ...i didnt have a margin account but I asked my broker if they could settle cash the same day and they did. ask your broker if they can do that for you too.
  8. The fact that u are not aware of what margin is means u probably should NOT be trading in the first place. Investing, yes, trading, no. If u do not know the rules of the game, why are u trading ? Just gonna throw money away
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    thanks to everyone for their ideas. i know what margin is tradeKing won't give it to me unless i have 10k.

    I was looking into thinkorswim they seem to have 1 day settling.

    i'm not a complete noob, but I don't have that much money, i've built it from 3000 to 5500 in the last 3 months so I have somewhat of an idea of what im doing.

    uyg/skf have been fun.

    i'm just looking for something because I hate not being able to lock in my profits!
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    I guess I can clarify, are there places that allow you to trade margin without that much in your account?

    thinkorswim still has 1 day settling even with margin so that doesn't help me.
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