I hate TWS!

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  1. Still, I am keeping it for a while. I have ToS and TWS running side by side and the difference is humongous. It turns out that I cannot buy Datafeed unless I have $2000 deposited.
    It all started when I decided to segregate my investment account and speculative accounts. So I moved most of my IRA money into Schwab (after all, they will use ToS next year) but I forgot that I need to leave $25000 in ToS to be able to trade futures (it is an IRA). So now I have two futures account and cannot trade (good news is I won't lose money this week). I am transferring some money back from Schwab to round up my account to $30,000. I will put $1800 more in IB.
    As intuitive and easy to use ToS as hard, convoluted, and stupid TWS is...but can't beat the commission. I also hate FINRA's stupid IRA rule.
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    We offer Futures accounts with custody at Wedbush Futures, for IRA/Roth accounts, using a Self Directed IRA company. If you open the account through them, you get the same margin as individual accounts. https://www.lightspeed.com/trading/futures/
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  3. Do you have the $25,000 requirement as TDAmeritrade? I thought it was a Gov. Oversight thingy.
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    $10,000 using CQG Desktop or CQG QTrader. $25,000 using Realtick.

  5. So you need 25K to trade at TD or Schwab and bash IB because you don't have 2K to trade futures and can't figure out how to point and click or spend 15 minutes on a paper trading account - a fool and his money are soon parted.
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  6. Why charge $1.29 for micro e-mini? Even if I trade bigger. I like the micro contracts because I can scale in and out. I rather trade 5 micro e-mini (or gold) than one ES. But with a commission like that, it would be crazy??
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    You would have to contact me directly to discuss volume discounts or different rates for Micros. My contact info is below.

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  8. I see you are confused. The money is not the problem, The IB account is not IRA! Ninja I could trade with a $1000 micro futures! So why the arbitrary $2000 for frigging data feed? I have data feed for free at ToS!
    Of course, you as a genius can make assumptions and snide comments, (I start hating this forum with the bitter and self-righteous assholes like you frequenting it!)
    Blamer me, for a convoluted piece of a shit platform like Ninja, TWS, etc. I have no problem with ToS!
    P.S. futures.io is starting to look good for my $100 spent...
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  9. Now Ninja is a POS - get a life. Will "Ninja Sucks" be your next thread title?
  10. If you want to trade micro futures just trade with AMP, all in fees are $0.39/ $0.78 for micros, data fee $1 a month for CME and another $1 for CBOT.

    I moved from IB to AMP a couple of months ago.
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