I hate to say it but zzz was right, there is a ft. hood coverup.

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  1. Good work professor z10.

    You should go post the cover up all over you left wing nutjob sites.

    Top Republican says White House hiding info on Fort Hood
    By Eric Zimmermann - 11/11/09 10:13 AM ET
    The ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee on Tuesday night accused the White House of withholding information on the Fort Hood attack.

    Rep. Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) said administration officials delayed briefing members of Congress about the alleged gunman, raising "red flags" about what the White House was hiding.

    "When they withhold information, you always start asking questions," Hoekstra told Fox News. "That's what raises red flags. What do they know that they don't want us to know?"

    Hoekstra linked President Barack Obama's handling of Fort Hood to a chain of other GOP criticisms of the president, including the administration's treatment of detainees and an investigation into possible CIA abuse.

    "It is a political correctness that is making it unable for us to identify the real threat of homegrown terrorism," he alleged.

    Hoekstra warned that "we have similar Hasans" in the country. The Michigan Republican has called for his committee to investigate the incident. Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas) has so far declined, preferring to wait for the conclusion of the joint FBI-Army investigation.
  2. After that guy killed all those people, Obama went on TV and said..."Ok lets not jump to conclusions. Lets find out his views, and motives before we jump to any conclusions and uncover every piece of information before we condemn him."

    Where was this rational thinking at though when Obama was criticizing the white police officers for arresting that black guy though? He sure didnt try to get all those facts first when the offending guy is NOT a muslim, or a black guy.
  3. Wallet


    Merriam-Webster defines terrorism as…
    Function: noun Date: 1795
    : the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

    4 : violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed in order to intimidate a population or government into granting demands <insurrection and revolutionary terror>

    If Hasan acted independently has yet to be determined or released, but it’s apparent that his motives are consistent with the anti-American / anti-Semitic mindset of radical Islam. Regardless, if he acted alone or if he was guided in his attempt, the fact that his actions were promoting radical Islam and it’s agenda, makes him a terrorist.

    The act needs to be brought into the light and shown for what it is, only then can begin to be proactive in stopping further events such as these.