I hate these ranges!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by r-in, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I sat on a sell at 1169.25 for about 12 minutes and no fill and yet it breaks for the point I thought was there. Not claiming I'm a guru, just whining about waiting and not filling. It's been a long couple of weeks, but I give myself an A for patience. I've missed a few keeping my price, but I stuck to my plan, and that's worth something. Isn't it? lol I love how the charts change shape after a few days of tight ranges. A day with a point or two bigger range looks like a money bonanza. Time to go blow things up on Modern Warfare 2 before I lose my patience and start taking bad trades. :D :D
  2. Market Orders
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    Market orders not part of the plan. Only use them when I have to for emergency outs.
  4. NQ would of filled u in a snap, I get filled on the bid all the time. ES is so deep you have to wait some times forever for that order to fill. NQ deep enough to trade size yet not so deep that you have to wait around.

    If you really enjoy ES, try stops with limit 0.

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    Stop trading the ES and move to currencies. They trend much better and give you far more action and range
  6. That can't be true. All the ES has to do is trade through the price, which it does about 8000 times a day. If forever is 12 seconds, then maybe you have a point.
  7. perfect :)
  8. nah, too easy to trade during bad times. Real easy to chop yourself to death. Stick to ES.