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    A true story.
    I live where the headquarters for THC is located and when I used to walk my dog in early 2000 I would frequently run into a friendly, attractive woman walking her dogs too. She asked me one day what I did for a living and I told her I'm a professional securities trader. And I asked her what she did and it turned out she was an administrator at THC. She was impressed that I was trading securities for a living and asked me what stock I thought would make a good investment. I chuckled and told her I really don't like giving out stock tips to people as they may not work out and then people would blame me for their losses. But I finally told her she might look into EMC which was THE best stock of the '90's on the NYSE. If you had bought $100 of EMC in Sept. 1990, in Sept of 2000 that same stock was worth $95,000. Not a bad return. But I told her she should research it and not go by my recommendation necessarily. At the time EMC was selling for I think around $40 and peaked over $100 in Sept. of 2000. So it would have been a good investment over that time period. But as it turned out THC I think more or less quadrupled in value over the period from 2000 till a week ago when it tanked. And EMC now of course is around $5 losing over 95% of it's value from the high. It's interesting. I don't know if she did ever buy any EMC or if she managed to take any profits on her THC before it tanked. I did sell my EMC at 85 1/2 so that was good but unfortunately didn't short it there but have just traded it from time to time intraday since then. Missed the THC selloff which obviously was a great opportunity to make some serious money. Hope some of you took advantage of it.
    Good trading to you. :)
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  2. NOV 71.5 Calls here. I guessed a price at the open and blew it.

    Think the last buy I made was .35. I figured it was worth keeping 10 contracts on hand just to see what happens. I can't see how it can get much worse but then again I said that after the first plunge what last Thursady or Friday. They cost nothing and are a bet that the company can come out with something positive early in the week or face annihalation.

    I think a lot of people have the same crapshoot in mind I do. Thinking on it I should have gone with the 15s. Interesting that the boards are void of people who are short suggesting many others were fooled thinking it wouldn't get worse.

    I did well with the NOV 25 calls and was lucky to have sold during the Bush speech before the second crash. I bought them on account of an article in the New York Times last Monday that I thought was very favorable to the two doctors and made the FBI look like wild cowboys that will get their ass kicked in court.

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  3. Nov 71.5 calls.. ????? :confused:
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