I hate THC

Discussion in 'Trading' started by daytr8r, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. smokey_mcPaat

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    here we are trying to talk about that P.O.S. stock THC- it got SMOKED today!!!! :D :D and all you can think about is smoking weed.....:D :D is that your favorite ticker symbol?? how about BUD (budweiser) ?? do you like BUD too???

    smokey_mcpaat :D
    #21     Nov 8, 2002
  2. I took THC long at the close at 14.90.

    Protected it with a 15.00 Nov put. Looking for a quick bounce early next week. 3 or 4 points ought to do it.
    #22     Nov 8, 2002
  3. nitro


    My favorite is CUM.

    I don't understand why nobody has chosen COCK and CUNT symbols yet. Then I would get long COCK, and probably go deep [in the money] CUNT.

    #23     Nov 8, 2002
  4. nkhoi

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    BAMM, SEXY come to mind
    #24     Nov 8, 2002
  5. 99 shares LOL after hours @ 14.50 area

    #25     Nov 8, 2002
  6. lol. Then you could take some of your winnings from CUNT and apply them to a good straddle on COCK.

    Hopefully ChicagoOne would come out with Futures on CUNT so that we could ARB CUNT constantly. You may want to hedge COCK in case it goes down sharply.
    #26     Nov 8, 2002
  7. Another firm, the Puss-N-Boots toy company, became an American Depository Receipt today and was issued the ticker symbol PUSSY. A merger with COX is said to be in the works . . .

    #27     Nov 8, 2002
  8. dlincke


    And I thought PUSSY was PRSF Jul 57.5 call.
    #28     Nov 9, 2002
  9. cheeks


    COX traded up in the aftermarket......

    #29     Nov 9, 2002
  10. nitro



    nitro :D :D
    #30     Nov 9, 2002