I hate THC

Discussion in 'Trading' started by daytr8r, Nov 8, 2002.

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    Is anyone else throwing away money every day trying to trade that stock? I'm not talking position trading... intraday trading.
  2. I'm trading the Nov 15 Calls as we speak.
  3. November calls is rather risky. Why not go for December?
  4. THC is toast.
  5. Lower deltas ...
  6. Well, ok, but take any profit you get today quickly as it creeps back over 15

    November puts yesterday would have been nicer!

    I looked at that stock yesterday, amazed to see it going higher while all the decent stocks were dropping. I should have known to bet it would drop.
    I would have made 6 times my money or more
  7. Hindsight is always 20/20
  8. Woulda......coulda......, shoulda
  9. THC has tainted its entire sector and caused big losses in outstanding performers like UNH and WLP. The big question of course is whether the corruption is limited to THC or is it widespread. You have to think if it is THC only the Republican congress will be good news for these stocks. Rather than buying calls, I would consider playing this with a put credit spread or perhaps even a backspread. That way the pumped up vol's work for you.
  10. How would you feel about a long straddle or strangle?
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