I hate my Broker or Prop Firm

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. I feel like a sheep who is about to get slaughtered by my firm. Anyone else a prop trader and feel like your firm just want's to get you in fee's.
  2. should we start a support group?

  3. A support group would be fine.
  4. I am seriously thinking of quieting trading after 3 year's. I make money for my firm but never get paid. That sound's like a hooker working for a pimp. Am I that big of a whore?
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    What firm are you with?

  6. Worldco. egildone are you going to join our support group.
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    I'm afraid I wouldn't have much to add. I am not a prop trader.

  8. Worldco? And you aren't getting paid???

    What the f**k is up with that? What sort of horrible deal could you possibly be on that you are making money trading (supposedly) but aren't getting payouts???
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    Why are you so unhappy with your broker? Just curious.
  10. WHy are you not getting paid?
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