i hate how humans can be so mean to other animals

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  1. i was just watching cavuto's show and seal hunting in canada was discussed. basically, they showed a guy next to a boat and he sees a seal on the ice. he runs over to it and just starts beating it to death with a stick.

    there are some things i HATE about life on earth and cruelty to animals is one. maybe i should become a peta member or something....

    "'We filmed and witnessed seals being skinned alive right in front of us,' Ifaw activist Rebecca Aldworth told Reuters news agency last week."

    "'We saw live seals being dragged while conscious across the ice with boat hooks, we saw stockpiles of dead and dying seals, it was really horrific.'"

  2. Gordon,

    Thanks for ruining my dinner. You are sick. Why would you post that on here???

  3. so people are aware
  4. be a martyr, GG...

    go to one of those seal hunters houses, drag him out with a hook, and beat him to death on his front lawn...

    you'll get on the news and everyone will be afraid to hunt seals...

    just my thoughts..

  5. Man, I also used to be disgusted from that - until I spent my holidays in Canada, when there was seal season.

    I tell you, this really rocks!!! Forget paintball, if you really need to get rid of your anger, there's nothing that comes close to seal slaying! These animals are so terribly stupid, you wouldn' believe it: often, they believe that you're one of those dumb tourists, trying to feed them. All you have to do then is hit them hard on the forehead. Sometimes you gotta hit several times, but with practice comes experience. After I slayed my 60th seal or so, almost every following seal I slayed was dead by the first hit - HOMERUN!

    Trust me, oak tree baseball bats are THE BEST!!!


    It's a shame they forbid bison- and cat hunting BTW....

  6. I concur, and while you're at it grab a couple of loggers and chop their....

    Because idiots are more expendable than the animals that they torture. More expendable than our heritage, nature. Once it's gone it's gone. And nothing is as beautiful as nature. Nothing is as ugly as inconsiderate human beings.
  7. it's not funny.

    you did nothing special to be born a human--YOU GOT FUCKING LUCKY. THAT'S ALL YOU DID (so did i).

    you could have been born an ant you step on, a pig that gets slaughtered, or seal that gets beat to death. if you had been, you'd do your best to stay alive while a spoiled, stupid, insensitive, inconsiderate, human kills you and couldn't care less about it. many humans abuse their power so badly it makes me sick.

    if i beat a seal hunter to death with a stick the way he kills seals, HE'D CRY, SCREAM, AND BEG FOR HIS LIFE.

  8. Have you ever seen a pack of angry baby seals attack and kill an innocent man? Trust me, it would change your mind if you did.

    If I were allowed to, I would kill those white monsters with a fleet of B52s and JDAMs.

    They deserve to die because they are dangerous and because they steal us humans all the fish from the sea.

  9. i am not angry at wild animals killing other wild animals. they do it to SURVIVE and they may not even have the awareness that we do.

    we don't need to beat seals to death to survive and we're very aware of the suffering they go through. also, if they must be killed, we're capable of doing it much more humanely, but we don't. that's pathetic and disgusting.
  10. I think the mouse that my cat just killed, for fun, might disagree with you here.
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