I hate holidays when the market is closed

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tortoise, Nov 22, 2012.

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    And don't give me this "it's a day to spend with your family and loved ones." I spend 365 days a years (well, nearly) with my family and loved ones, and I don't need the "day to be thankful" trope from folks who get paid by their employers to spend the day "with family and loved ones."

    Actually, this would be a fun experiment. Give people the choice between getting paid and "spending the day with family and loved ones." I wonder which would win?
  2. Holidays simply are for kids. It teaches them values, togetherness, and culture. Just suck it up put on a smile and trade on Friday
  3. "it's a day to spend with your family and loved ones."
  4. me too. i even hate weekend. when i was employed, i felt relaxed on and longing for friday. now monday is more exciting.

    nertheless, i think trading makes me happier since for one year, i am happy most of time, compared with employed, i was unhappy 250 days per year.

  5. tortoise


    LOL. And a jolly, holly, raised middle digit to you, too, buckwheat!:)
  6. jl1575


    You can trade Forex, and there are some good price moves for the USD/JPY or EUR/JPY pairs this morning. In fact, there are more opportunities in Forex than in ES these days, and it is also easier to trade/profit.
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    Market's open here, and the sweet potatoes are cheap today.

  8. toc


    like any other entity, markets also need a rest and recharge break., respect the markets! :D
  9. Daring


    Some people forget and must be reminded, if you don't need to be reminded, more power to you.
  10. the market isn't closed - did you trade london today? why did you choose not to trade today?
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