I Hate Everybody!

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    Shit-shat hate-speech membership has now gotten to the point that it has me totally confused and discombobulated. I can't sort it all out. Which ethnic members really hate other ethnic members and which are members using alias-parodies pretending to hate other members that actually hate who they're pretending to be and/or other members' alias-parodies that are only to pretending to hate who they think they are? Which aliases are really of that ethnicity hating other ethnicities and which are actually of another ethnicity claiming to hate their own ethnicity? And do they know which is which or even when which is which? IOW, if two aliases meet and spew garbage at each other in a forest, and a tree falls on both of them, would anyone hear it? And more importantly, even if anyone did hear it, would anyone care?

    It's a question for the ages...

  2. It makes you want to go into a forest and chop down a tree, doesn't it?
  3. Keep the focus H. Limit that shit to 5-10 minutes per day to get your yaya's out.

    The keys to having a good life are:

    1. Lots of sex
    2. Going out with friends to dinner
    3. Raising a good family
    4. Shooting pool, having a few drinks
    5. Read a good book every week
    6. Get a job you love, regardless of pay
    7. Annual Vegas trip and whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon

    The money does not mean shit, as long as you can pay the bills and travel twice per year. Avoid religion at all costs but stay spiritual and connected with your fellow human beings. Avoid politics and television, especially local news. And you can live a fearless life!


  4. the only way ya klans can redeem your souls is to lead a life exemplifed by mother teresa. otherwise, ya all going to hell. and the money in the world won't help.