I hate calls on ET, haven't done it in years. But OIL is at Bottom

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by apak, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. apak


    short pure simple and to the point

    LONG OIL now

    target 85

    STOP loss equal to target except into the minus

    Dear ETer, are you really so slow to think OIL will hit my stop before it hits my target

    good luck :)
  2. And you registered in November 2008.

    How would one define credibility gap here?
  3. apak



    I stated few times on ET that I am your intellectual superior

    and Now I'll prove it yet again

    It is not the year signed up that should matter to you grasshopper

    but the words being posted

    plenty of fools here, plenty
  4. apak


    lets say you buy OIL at 57

    target at 97

    STOP loss at 17

    DO YOU REALLY think OIL will hit that stop loss

    learn from me little grasshopper

  5. Specterx


    Are you really going to buy just because you think "it can't go down more"?

    Oil could very well hit 17 before it hits 97, it was around 17 as recently as late '01 and a global recession/credit crash is bearish for commodities. Or, it could spend the next 15 years bouncing between 20 and 60.
  6. apak


    lets say you are right

    fair enough

    well then I'll take a loss, you didn't think I bet the farm did you

    I am a futures daytrader for christ's sake,

    this is just a small side fool proof project, get on board and make some money with me :cool:
  7. cstfx


    Speaking of stop losses:

    You willing to put up 40k for every contract to protect that stop? No? Then what's the point of your stop. This is just an exercise in theoretical meandering.

    Actually, what's the point of your post.
  8. apak


    so what you are saying to me is that you don't have MONEY to take advantage of such a stupid ass fool proof opportunity

    hey sucks to be you

    but don't assume we are all in the same boat little buddy :cool:
  9. You forget to tell us WHEN the target will be reached. By your own naive testimony, even though it would not hit your stop loss, you might need to sit on your retarded ass for some time.

    I mean, geezus, this must be one of those unforgettable boneheaded assertions reserved for the history books!
  10. apak


    are you ready for it little baby,

    little paper trading baby

    1 year

    1 year from now I expect target reached

    if in 1 year price is at 60 or 70 I will sell still at a profit
    #10     Nov 16, 2008