I hate Bush even more NOW

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  1. Consumption tax...

    This administration's attitude towards the economy is like answering a margin call by short-selling...
  2. what a call!

    i LOVE bush even more!

    TAX that consumption baby!!!
  3. :D


    i guess i should love him more, too...but one thing i hated about europe was having to drop an extra 15-20% every time i bought something...

  4. ROFL!
  5. well, i love it if it means giving a bigger tax break to savings/investment...
  6. of morons.

    get this idiotic thread down, or i'll wreak havoc here.

    our great president need not be slighted by idiots on this board.

  7. ROFL!
  8. If it completely replaces the income tax and businesses get appropriate deductability along their component stream and the VAT has no loopholes or preferential treatment like the current tax code is chock full of it could be OK.

    Would you rather pay 20% of what you spend or 30-40% of what you earn? Even if you build in a VAT rebate for those below a certain income level.

    How about a hybrid like this - 20% VAT (exempt groceries), full VAT rebate for incomes below $30K, plus a 10% flat tax on all individual income over $1 million per year (regardless of source - no deductions, exemptions, or other loopholes).

    So folks below $30K (or pick a number) file for their full VAT rebate. 99% of us file a 5 line tax form for income record reconcilliation and owe nothing (nothing was withheld either). And those making over $1 million per year have to cough up their extra 10%.

    Bet the numbers would tumble out (or the parameters could be fudged around so they did tumble out) as more money in people's pockets AND more money flowing through the economy AND more overall tax revenue.
  9. I hope the half-brained Bush Baby knows what he's doin... :)
  10. With deficits going the way they are, you might get to do both
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