I hate banks!

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    And here's another reason why: http://www.cnbc.com/id/41290094

    Absolutely makes me ill!:mad:

    Had this been done to a Veteran coming home right after WWII, Deutsche Bank would have their ass handed to them!:mad:
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    Watch your mouth Leapie. You know that banks are one of the protected criminal syndicates in America.:p
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    Yes, it's sadly true.

    What makes me even more ill is I signed an Introducing Broker agreement with DBFx two years ago. Glad I figured out what they were up to in that regard in the first few weeks, and told them, "thanks but no thanks. Cancel my contract."

    In the movie "goodfellas," when the kingpin's were rounded up by the feds, one blurted out, "hey, why don't you guys go down to Wall Street and get some real crooks." I've gotta agree with his statement. All he needed to do was say, "hey, why don't you guys go to your local bank and catch some real thieves. They're right there, and they don't even use a gun to steal."

    I DESPISE banks!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
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  5. I watched all the 29 episodes of the Ring of Power. Some of the episodes are rather outlandish. Still, I find its suggestions worth deeper consideration and investigating.
  6. If only foreigns banks were doing this...

    The most shocking for me :

  7. When it comes to banks I prefer them small. Smaller bank takes care of you better I think.
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    Your link included a colon at the end. Here is a correct link http://www.cnbc.com/id/41290094
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