"I Hate Ann Coulter" authors remain anonymous

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    September 25, 2006 -- THERE'S a good reason why the four authors of the upcoming book "I Hate Ann Coulter!" are remaining anonymous - they're afraid for their safety. "None of us want our real names in the hands of gun-toting, abortion clinic-bombing, self-proclaimed 'wing nuts,' who follow Coulter," one of the scribes tells us. Coulter , who called 9/11 widows publicity-loving "harpies," is shown with a devil's tail and horns on the book's cover. It's only the second time in Simon & Schuster's history that an author's identity has been kept secret, the first being, "Go Ask Alice," a teen drug addict's diary, published in 1971.

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    Seems to be the neocons common, underlying idiocy.
    Except for the corporate, world domination part...

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    I guess Simon & Schuster is inspired by the anonymity of message board moonbats.

    A cheap publicity stunt by a venerable publisher.

    I'm sure the 4 cowards er... "authors" will be gladly "outed" as soon as the royalties and left wing accolades come rolling in.

    Last I heard Mikey Moore is alive and judging by his 300lb girth he's doing pretty well. But someone will KILL in the name of Ann.....LMFAO.
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    Ann Coulter is the one that needs BODYGUARDS whenever she makes a speech, but of course the way the left sees it, thier life is in danger. The upside down world of the liberal mind.
  5. They write a book entitled "I Hate Ann Coulter" and then claim they are victims that need to be protected? Don't they have even the slightest grasp of irony?

    What truly despicable people.
  6. I'm always amused (read: saddened) by the intelligent discourse (read: lack of) of the politically passionate on this board.
  7. I think the real reason ZZZ hates her is because she's a woman. To put it mildly, ZZZ is "not like most men". :D
  8. Ah, the pompous observer stance. Thanks for the value add.
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    You're the only post in this thread to make use of "idiocy", "neo-con" ect.

    Don't even pretend to be the arbiter of "intelligent discourse".
    You're a well intentioned person but you're demeaning yourself with the judgmental crap. You're hardly without sin.......
  10. The Ann Klans does just about what I expected...

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