I had that extremely vivid dream.....

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  1. I was short EUR/USD, profitable, when the Euro starting climbing, I showed the price jump to a colleague, when I looked back it was going sky-high, the background of the office changed to black, and the chart was replaced by the Oanda p/l window.
    My balance plunged to zero, and I was margin called by an actual ringing of a phone. Vivid
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    It's time to get back on your meds. :D
  3. cover your position.
  4. Kinda reminiscent of the nightmares I had about college for decades after I graduated.

    1) You show up at the appointed time and place for your final exam and there's no one there.
    2) It's halfway through the semester and you suddenly realize you forgot about a class you'd registered for and never showed up for it.

    I had those 2 dreams repeatedly for years and they had me waking up in a cold sweat every time.

    Vivid dreams like this speak to the heart of our deepest fears.
  5. or cut down on them. :D
  6. Sounds like you need to go long the euro
  7. Didn't anyone here read <B>"Stock Market Wizards"</B>?

    Bruce Kovner learned to close any position when he had too many dreams, thoughts, feelings about it.

    He used to be a cab driver, is now a billionaire (Caxton Associates)
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    Ok David, you are dreaming about trading...

    You need recreation. I find that sports that involve alot of speed sort of reset my brain and I stop dreaming about charts and margin calls lol. That phone call thing is chilling.

    Airplanes are a quick way to get the necessary rush. Skiing also excellent. A quick blast in my Shelby works. Even cycling can do it. Your brain rewires for dynamics and moving objects, its the hunter thing from early man.

    Go fast and your dreams will shift to better stuff. :D
  9. This makes sense. I can see how speed would "cleanse" some of the crap from my brain.
    I drive a Yukon and an Avalon. Speed may be an issue.
  10. Been wanting to read that. Just ordered it thru Amazon.
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