I had some very interesting work to share

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. but I realized there was no interest.

    So I didnt waste your time.
  2. Please share with us.....give and you shall receive.....
  3. hehee he suspense is killing all the noobs
  4. opm8


    ok ok I can't take it anymore! If you pay me $11 I will listen to your idea. I would have said $100 but then I realized you probably don't have that much.

  5. Keep it up.

    You'll get what you deserve in the long run.

    You know what that is , right?


    damn, Im clever
  6. Let me ask you something.

    If someone really knew, why would they share it with a pack of jackals?

    That would make them foolish.

    I know you agree.

    Thats why some here post endlessly.

    They know nothing.
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  8. I hope your trading is sharper than your humor.
  9. lol, good post opm8
  10. hahah oh yes
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