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Discussion in 'Politics' started by et08et08, Jun 10, 2002.

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  1. et08et08


    I have been in contact with a firm and they sponsored me for my exams. I pass series 7,63,55 and I figured with my 5 years of trading at home I have a good chance to be hired.

    They hire traders to trade house money so that they make money from order flow.

    I watched the person who was supposed to interview me trade for an hour. They told me almost nothing, and since then I contacted them two times. their reply was they have to arrange again an interview for me.

    Their response is neither negative nor positive. shouldn't they be straitforward? I am confused. Maybe I have to forget about them...

    I would appreciate any thoughts, comments from any experienced fellow.

    e08et08 :confused:
  2. ktm


    You forgot to post this to two of the forums, but you hit most of the others. Maybe your prospective employer sensed something about you?
  3. et08et08


    That is a possipility, I am in the dark though, I cant think of anything. I would expect them to be more straitforward though.

  4. ddlee


    When they sponser you is there or was there any out of pocket expense to you? I have my 7 (on my own thru quest) but would have to get my 55 thru the prop co. I am looking at. I want to know if I end up paying for it in the end. I have a similar trade history, I hope you were not in s. florida
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.