I had a great time in church today!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by THE MAN, May 9, 2004.

  1. THE MAN


    boy oh boy does it feel good to praise jesus! i can feel jesus with me, looking over my shoulder, watching out for me and my family. what a wonderful feeling to know he is with me at all times.

    thank you lord
  2. LMAO... this must be no other than Longshot or Candy, maaaaaaaybe Axeman.
  3. did you belittle yourself in front of everyone?

    did you speak in tongues? play with poisonous snakes?

    chant "PRAISE JE HAY SUS!! AMEN!"


    of course i am joking but..

    it's NO JOKE supposedly "intelligent" creatures do just this..


    lets all look up to sky and humiliate ourselves some more..

    oh ya..

    i cant wait to do some more of that :-/
  4. Actually, the Lord indicated that those who (truly) believe in Him shall raise the dead, walk on water and not only do ALL the miracles He did, but more than these!

    Um... who does them these days? *ahem*

  5. Well, Allah Akbar, about time you showed up here.

    So, tell us, are you a Muslim or a Christian?
  6. THE MAN


    the only miracle jesus had was getting his siht to spread like wildfire...if he ever existed.
  7. That's disgusting - you should have your mouth washed out with soap.

    Now I know, this is LONGSHOT. No disguising that insanity.

    Anyway... I'm outah here 'til later.

    See ya!

  8. he wishes he was me :-/
  9. i saw monty python's "life of brian"..

    now ya cant fool me anymore ;-/