I guess we're moderate by these standards

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SWhiting, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Actually it's not so funny. Ever wonder why kids are so screwed up today? Why apathetic, callous. Liars, thieves and punks?

    They watch us. How we conduct ourselves. Message sent, and received LOUD & CLEAR :(
  2. I don't know, killthesun, I'm 54 yrs. old and I heard the same hand-wringing over my generation when we were young. I also heard it concerning the Gen X'ers and Y'ers.

    I've been a Liar and a Thief: neither of which I could be called now. It's easy to be moral when you have enough money. (Some still call me a Punk and I consider it a complement).

    Each generation has their superstars and their failures: for the most part we all become plodders.
  3. you don't know what? you question the disease or the diagnosis?

    tune into the news channels. the talking heads. log on here. everybody is lying. lying is so in fashion we have a cute little euphemism for it.. 'the spin". "oh it's just the way they spin it. it's the spin they put on it".

    you see it in the news. you read it here every day.

    BS. it's lying. it is deceit. it;s DISHONEST.

    the kids know it.

    so don't be so aghast when your own kids put their spin on their own behaviour.

    after all our kids are our future politicians. they learned it well.